Follow up consultation (EN)

30 minutes evaluation consultation.

If necessary, adjustment of the diet plan.

Follow up consultation (EN)

Team Member:

Darmdietist Manon te Linde


Amsterdam, Netherlands


1. Diƫtist / Dietitian
2. Prikkelbare Darm Syndroom / Irritable Bowel Syndrome
3. Microbioom / Microbiome
4. FODMAP dieet / FODMAP diet
5. Voedselallergie en intolerantie / Food allergy and intolerances
6. Orthomoleculaire darmtherapie / Orthomolecular gut therapy
7. Diabetes
8. Bariatrische chirurgie / Bariatric surgery


Evaluation consultation to discuss the progress.

How are the symptoms going? Are you satisfied? Do we need to make adjustments?

Do you need additional information? Let me know what the difficulties are.

After the consultation, you can ask me questions over e-mail or whatsapp at any time for 30 days.